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About Me


Brandi Jo is a proud wife, mom, author, speaker and business woman. She’s part of an online business, where she’s climbed up the ladder, and become one of the top grossing leaders in the company. She is featured on the Headquarter's Diamond Wall in Utah. Her makeup business allows her to use her skills as a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist and has opened doors for her to build confidence in women throughout the globe.


Brandi met her husband Michael, in 4th grade, where they sat across from one another. Both of them were too shy, and never spoke a word to one another. When Michael got sick with mono in the 4th grade, Brandi somehow, ended up getting it as well... Even though, they both swear they never kissed. This is still a mystery.

Both of them went on to the same high school, but again, they never spoke a word to one another. 15 years later, Michael worked up the courage to send Brandi a friend request on Facebook. And after a few months, he mustered up the nerve to send her a Facebook private message, one that touched her heart, and changed both their lives. Michael quickly became a beacon for Brandi, during a time when she really needed a friend. And the rest was history. After 10 years of marriage, and they’re more in love than ever, and  Michael is still Brandi’s biggest fan-supporting her through every endeavor.


Brandi and Michael have a beautiful son named Randall. Having met (actually, re-met) her husband at the age of 32, and due to 21 years of damage that Brandi’s body endured- their funny, easy going, Mario-loving 8 year old son, Randall, was nothing short of a miracle from God.  


This is where Brandi’s story is unique. Like most of us, Brandi has had overcome many obstacles including: obesity, extreme hair loss, depression, post-partum, and an eating disorder (which consisted of 25 years of anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating). Brandi’s body had endured too much abuse, and therefore, Brandi lost most of her hair due to years of eating disorders. In 2016, Brandi went in to have an echocardiogram on her heart, that’s when everything changed. The doctor came in and said, “if you don’t get healthy and lose weight, you won’t get to see your son grow up!” After waiting so long to become a mother, Brandi decide “toDAY is the THE DAY!”


Brandi sat down and wrote out an accountability plan to change from the inside out. After seeking God’s counsel, Brandi pulled what she learned from the bible, therapy, Celebrate Recovery classes, and Overeaters Anonymous-and from it birthed her Crowning Confidence program. Brandi applied the program to her life, and she started changing. She found herself with a fresh outlook on life.


People started noticing, and asking ‘how did you do it?” Having been given a second chance at life, Brandi felt like Crowning Confidence was her gift to others!


Crowning Confidence is now a proven method that Brandi uses to teach women how to heal through any obstacle they face and find the crown inside their heart. Brandi teaches and empower others through her workshops, online classes, teaching at beauty schools, elementary and high schools her proven method. Her mission is to help every woman around the world and cure the epidemic of insecurity!


“When a woman is truly confident they can change the world!”


Brandi put her strategy to the ultimate test on April 13, 2019, in Franklin, T.N., when she competed for the coveted title of Mrs. Tennessee International 2019, and won! Brandi  competed at Nationals on July 2019 for the title Mrs. International in West Virginia, where she placed in the top 15. After, passing on her Mrs. Tn International title to Carrie Schween in 2020, she won the title of International United Ms. Tn 20/21 and went to Galloway, New Jersey to compete for the title of International United Ms. To her surprise, she won the judges heart and on July 16, 2021, she won the International title.


Brandi feels beyond blessed to have been crowned Mrs. Tennessee International 2019, and International United Ms. Something she would have never, in a million years, imagined possible, and is so honored to be able to continue to compete and do what she loves by being on stage and sharing with other,s that it is never to late in life to go after your dreams. Brandi is excited to continue to teach and inspire men, women, and children all around the world to find their inner confidence!

Brandi was able to share her story with three other ladies in a book they wrote together called WOMAN THOU ART VICTORIOUS. As, soon as it launched they hit the best selling author list. You can find her book on Amazon, or contact her directly at for more info on how she can send you a copy.

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