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 In 2016, I made a choice to live, to finally face an addiction that was killing me! I suffered for 25 years and battled three different types of eating disorders. I was 100 lbs overweight and in the depths of binge eating disorder.


The worst and last phase was compulsive food addiction. The final breaking point was when my Cardiologist told me, if I didn’t lose weight, the damage I was doing to my heart would kill me. I decided with God’s help, I was going to hold myself accountable!


I came home and developed 5 steps that forever changed my life....Crowning Confidence LLC came into being!


My strategy works because it helped me battle the mental part of addiction! When others started noticing a big change in me, they asked me what I was doing. I started teaching my program online, in biz groups, beauty schools, and now everywhere and for every age group!


I have traveled over 10,000+ miles in the past two years teaching my program! My program is not a diet plan, it is a strategy to overcome the mental bondage and break free!


Every obstacle I have faced and overcome has been worth it, to help others heal in all areas of their life! I have overcome 3 eating disorders, obesity, depression, severe postpartum depression, anxiety, rage, hair loss, excoriation disorder, low self esteem, emotional abuse, diet pill addiction, shopping addiction, food addiction, people pleasing, and suicidal thoughts!


I have been through alot! I am proof that you can change and I hope I can inspire you to do the same! I have a online group that can help you in what you are facing! The common key I have noticed with so many addictions and problems is lack of CONFIDENCE!


God has laid it on my heart, that if I can be a part of His plan to teach what truly being confident is, so many of our issues would go away! I truly feel what is happening in our world of crime, suicide, bullying, addictions, hate, discrimination, etc.. is people’s lack of confidence! I have already started a ripple effect of change and I will continue to make an impact until I can teach the world how to be fully confident! I have big plans and big dreams.


It is my duty to be a light in this world If you want help, please reach out to me. I have a free online class that I share my strategy and it is a safe place to go. No judgements. Also, I am in alliance with Celebrate Recovery and can help you find a class near you that is a confidential place that will love you no matter what! I want you to be the best version of yourself!


You deserve it! I love you and believe in YOU! Let me teach you how to believe in yourself again You can find the crown inside your heart everyday

I am so happy for the lessons, the people, Celebrate Recovery, my Biblical counselor Peggy, and family that taught me belief and healing!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart️ And to Casey Jordan Nelson for showing me what true nutrition can do for healing!


Be a part of my Confidence Revolution!  I am on a mission to change the world.

~~~Brandi Jo Midldleton

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