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I created my own curriculum, Crowning Confidence, which is now a proven method that I use to teach all ages how to heal through any obstacle they face and find the crown inside their heart.


I've been blessed with a flexible schedule which has allowed me to teach and empower others through my Crowning Confidence workshops at beauty schools, elementary, junior and high schools, and other organizations.


I have been able to continue my training groups by utilizing our technology, by hosting online classes, using my blog, utilizing this website, and through my social media support groups and pages. I've been able to have traveled over 10,000+ miles in the past two years teaching my program! My program is not a diet plan, it is a strategy to overcome the mental bondage and break free! My mission is to help everyone around the world and cure the epidemic of insecurity!

I recently was awarded by TN Governor Bill Lee the honor of A day of Recognition for all my hours of teaching and traveling teaching my curriculum in the school systems of TN. He honored my day to be June 1, 2021. It was a privileged to be given this day of recognition.   


*****People ask me ALL the time how can they get involved in their communities or promote their platforms. I love this question, because this is something I strive in. I have so many connections in my community and all over the world from networking and all my years of social media training. I have lead many pageant girls, even the ones in my current pageant system I am competing in, follow in my footsteps and start working more in their community from my guidance, ideas, social media posts, and help. If you are struggling on ideas or how to get more involved, reach out to me or click on the tab I have on this site called Free Guide-how to promote your platform. I am currently working on creating a book called The Pageant Girl's Guide to getting out in the Community to help all titleholders in all systems. A rising tide raises all ships. Together, we can truly change the world for the better.******

I feel very blessed to be a mentor at One on One where I  am privileged to be a prayer mentor and educate new moms on how to parent, so that children are able to thrive.


I'm in alliance with Celebrate Recovery, a 12 step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind.  I help you find a class near you that is a confidential place that will love you no matter what! I want you to be the best version of yourself!

I also help with Fill the Boot, working with the Memphis Fire Director, Gina Sweat, to help raise funds for MDA.

I work with Fayette Cares to help share their cause, to empower those in domestic abuse with hope, independence, and lasting solutions.

I also work with Carl Perkins Center for Prevention of Child Abuse in West TN. Where  I volunteer and help raise awareness and funds.

As well as Haven Retreat, where I help raise travel funds to help victims get treatment. I help inspire hope and healing in women and children of all ages who have been sexually abused. Working to help spread awareness and defend  innocence. 

I am partnered with the second largest school district in Tennessee to teach my Crowning Confidence program in their school system.


I teach my workshops throughout the Mid South in beauty schools and partnered with Paul Mitchell beauty schools.

I mentor Veterans at the VA hospital in the Cardiology Department.

I teach at local networking and business organizations my Crowning Confidence program.

I am currently teaching at VBS, summer kids camps, Grizzly Basketball camps, Girl Scouts, and kids organizations my Crowning Confidence program. As well as in beauty schools, and partnered with Paul Mitchell Schools to bring my Crowning Confidence program into their schools throughout the US.


I volunteer twice at month at Bread of Life Food Pantry in TN.

I've partnered with the local media stations and have appeared six times on the news, and six times in print promoting Crowning Confidence.


I was featured on the cover of Memphis Health and Fitness Magazine to share my story.

I Created an online Facebook group teaching my Platform to over 900 men and women, with members from all over the world.

I have a Youtube channel called Crowning Confidence by Brandi Jo, teaching my program to people from all areas of the globe.


I have partnered with another pageant sister and we host weekly Facebook lives to help women overcome mental setbacks and mindset training. Our group is called Your Best Self:
Empower Hour.

I have been featured on several pageant podcasts and pageant articles to help mentor and share my platform.

I teach throughout the year on zoom calls with a Home school group and teach different steps and techniques to truly be confident.

I teach workshops on how to overcome bullying with our youth groups and school groups.

I mentor girls and women who are battling eating disorders.

I have become a best selling author with Kendra C Sikes, sharing my story in a book called Woman thou art Victorious , I also help provide free tools to everyone trying to find their crowning confidence.

I have traveled over 10,000 miles and taught over 165 places.

I have donated over 100 dresses from gathering donations to help donate to my cause called Cinderella's Closet.

After seeing so much negativity on social media and in the world through the pandemic, I co founded Kindness Corner with my business partner and sister queen to start a movement of kindness, service, and unity. We developed at 12 month plan, encouraging and teaching others ways of how they can spread kindness, increase community involvement through service and literacy. Sister queens from all over the world have taken part in our movement, by providing recorded reading of books promoting our mission. We will continue to expand our reach with not only sister queens, but individuals all over the world.......because together we can accomplish more.


If you would like to have me come to your area or do zoom meeting with my workshops, click the contact tab on the top of your screen. I also am collecting prom, pageant, or any formal dresses for my cause Cinderella's Closet for girls and women in need. Please email me at for more info on how you can help in my mission.

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